Through her music, Abby Cribb has weathered personal storms and troubled waters when the odds were stacked against her. Her voice is heavy with soul, and a certain knowing wisdom, that belies her eighteen years.


The Canadian singer-songwriter’s first statement of intent was a reimagining of Radiohead’s “Creep”, which has attracted over 200,000 on YouTube. Cribb transformed the track beyond recognition, swapping the guitars for the gravitas of the piano, shedding new light on dark places.


She followed this with “Bigger”, her first original release, which spoke to her versatility as an artist by introducing an anthemic ballad with a strong pop instinct. Produced by her father, a musician and writer himself, Cribb’s strength has always lied with the intimacy which she weaves into every element of her music. There was little wonder, with the indelible mark this debut left on listeners, that she was made a finalist in the Song Academy Competition in the international category for her age group.


Her debut EP, Unbroken, however, is an incredibly vulnerable project. It’s a record of survival after the unexpected loss of her mother, her music granting her an outlet from the suffocation that follows grief.


Cribb explains: “The songs for Unbroken spilled out onto the pages of notebooks, scraps of paper and screens over the past couple of years – a time of intense challenge and inspiration in my life, especially after the sudden loss of my mom while spending my high school years largely isolated by the pandemic. Throughout it all, I’ve tried to find myself through this music.”


The seven original tracks are deftly woven ballads that allow her voice to stand sharp against stripped-back instrumentals. She pays homage to the traditional sonic signatures of folk and country, while adding shades of pop and jazz to make each song as arresting as the last. But what is most striking about Unbroken is Ally Cribb’s masterful storytelling; in the vein of Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves, she is not afraid to feel – but, rather, she feels everything with pride. And wisdom is her reward.


Despite her age, the accolades for Ally Cribb are tallying up. Her music, having garnered over 300,000 streams since the release of “Creep” and “Bigger”, has won the attention of Amazing Radio, with critical acclaim from the likes of Plastic Magazine and Lefuturewave – not to mention being championed by Canadian broadcasting legend Alan Cross and Runrig lead vocalist, Bruce Guthro.


Since she started writing songs at the age of 12, Ally Cribb would process the turbulence of her life by turning to the piano or the guitar, finding emotional clarity through creative expression. She says: “The creative process has been the one constant in my life. I hope this record can offer some glints of compassion, hope and resilience to anyone who needs them as much as I have.”