Online music magazine Stereo Stickman reviewed my EP, Unbroken.

Here is an excerpt of what they said :


Broken hearts and fearlessly revealing lyrics connect for their vulnerability and musical embrace alike, as Canada’s Ally Cribb releases her highly anticipated debut EP Unbroken.

Already boasting hundreds of thousands of listeners following the success of her reimagining of Creepby Radiohead, Ally’s debut EP Unbroken is rightfully raising the bar further still.

Kicking into gear with a quickly energising sense of rising anticipation, Bigger is everything its title implies and then some – an inspiring hit of optimism, overcoming and personal strength.

Ally’s vocals shine in the fast-paced setting of long-form story and verse, and the lyrics feel authentically reflective and deeply moving at the same time. Meanwhile, the uniquely crafted pop soundscape blends qualities of yesteryear and contemporary production, for a sound that reinforces the sentiments of the song with faultless relevance.


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