Canadian singer-songwriter Ally Cribb has released her latest single, “End of August,” a heartfelt reflection on the emotions tied to bidding farewell to cherished moments, places, and people. Inspired by her deep family roots in Nova Scotia and her passion for East coast Celtic music, Ally’s new song is a moving tribute to her heritage and influences.

“End of August” is an emotionally charged composition born out of Ally’s summer sojourn in Nova Scotia, where her family’s history runs deep. The song encapsulates the complex and bittersweet feelings that accompany leaving behind the solace and beauty of a special place or person to confront the challenges and rigors of the everyday world. It resonates with anyone who has experienced the tug between cherished memories and the present moment.

Ally Cribb explains, “This song is about the profound connection we share with places and people, even when they are miles away. They become a part of our identity, providing us with inspiration and grounding that we often overlook. ‘End of August’ is my way of paying homage to my family’s roots and the rich musical heritage of the Canadian East coast that has been a constant source of inspiration for me.”

In crafting “End of August,” Ally sought to capture the distinctive feel of East coast Celtic music, an integral part of her upbringing. Her admiration for iconic East coast singer-songwriters like Stan Rogers, The Rankin Family, Joel Plaskett, and Matt Mayes shines through in the song’s composition and lyrics. These artists have served as both mentors and muses, shaping Ally’s musical journey.